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Hello world!

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Thanks WordPress! I’ll take it from here.  This is pretty much a blog about my running progression for this year; however, there maybe rants, thoughts, and musing on other topics–equal housing, dunkin donuts, gus, life (generally or philosophically), etc…Mostly, there will be info on my running–time, distance, where, when.  Ultimately, the goal is to run 200 days this year.  The runs must be at least 2.5 miles or 25 minutes to count.

2 January 2011

appx. 2.2 mi 15 minutes.

Grabbed the dog and ran another mile.

not too bad.

Side note: I am also keeping track of my weight.  I was 155 when I left Ukraine.  After aerating lawns at the end of summer and having no food money, I fell to 138.  Now I am at 149 after eating loads of Christmas cookies and drinking gallons of Christmas beer. I am currently taking diet suggestions for skinny people to keep on pounds.


199 days to go.