September Firstageddon

CALIFORNIA had carmaggedon.  A one time traffic-jam, not going anywhere day of hell.  Sounds pretty nice compared to Boston’s September first.  Much like the salmon migration up the Columbia River, or the march of the penguins, Boston’s yearly tenant migration is quickly approaching.

The only thing worse than being stuck in the perpetual traffic jam, being constantly at risk for being mowed down by multiple moving vans, and climbing over mounds of possibly bedbug ridden furniture to get to your door, is having to do all of this and move into an apartment that resembles Gollum’s cave.

For those of you that have not yet locked down your apartment (especially, out of towners) there are a few things you should know:

  1. September first, for most parts of town, is the largest moving day of the year.
  2. Good apartments don’t hang around.
  3. Making an offer is your best bet at getting a deal.

MAKING AN OFFER: what is it? what is included?

  • The offer made to the landlord is an application, one month’s rent, and the terms of acceptance.  The application contains your name, references, and employment and rental history.
  • One month’s rent is for the landlord.  If accepts your offer, he gets the money and it goes towards your first month’s rent.  If you back out after being accepted, the landlord can keep that money for damages.  If he rejects your offer, your money should be refunded back to you, or put towards another offer.
  • The terms what is due to move in, length of occupancy, and address.  Usually, a combination or all of the following are required: first month, last month, security, fee…..(to be continued)

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